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Alliance LGBTQA Staff and Faculty Organization

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The Texas State Alliance encourages, promotes, and celebrates the awareness, equality, social acceptance, non-discrimination, and individual freedoms of all employees regardless of their sexual orientation, gender expression, or gender identity.  Texas State Alliance is dedicated to and supports lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) faculty and staff by:

  • Advocating equal rights, access, and benefits for all LGBTQ faculty and staff
  • Creating a safe and accepting environment to recruit and retain LGBTQ faculty and staff
  • Organizing social activities and sponsoring events that facilitate open dialogue and networking opportunities
  • Promoting educational workshops and discussions that foster awareness of LGBTQ issues and visibility

In solidarity with the underrepresented community at Texas State.

Pulse We Are Orlando Graphic

To our family - LGBTQIA, Latinx, Muslim, and People of Color - we are in solidarity with you.  

Sunday, June 12, 2016 - a solemn day for the United States and a heartbreaking reality for LGBTQIA, Latinx, Muslim, and Persons of Color.  49 of our brothers and sisters were taken from us in an act of hatred, and over 50 more injured and still fighting for their lives. Our brothers and sisters, we grieve and mourn with you in this moment of loss.
We offer our deepest and sincerest condolences to the individuals, families, friends and loved ones being impacted by this horrific and inhumane act.   
We understand the senseless act of a single individual is not representative of an entire community.  

As members of the Allies of Texas State and AdvoCats, we offer you our full support. We make ourselves available to you and to help our community navigate through the various feelings experienced as a result of this tragedy.  

To our community of Allies of Texas – our students and your fellow peers need you. It is not clear as to whether some of our Texas State community may not have had an individual personal relationship with a victim(s). As members of a marginalized and underrepresented community, they are our family, their pain is ours, and we, collectively, are mourning for their loss. 

The Counseling Center is available to provide counseling for enrolled students; they can also assist with community referrals for Texas State students not taking summer classes.  Counseling Center is located in the LBJ Student Center Suite 5-4.1 (5th Floor) during regular business hours (8:00 AM to 5:00 PM).  In case of crisis after hours, please contact the crisis hotline at 877.466.0660. 
Here is a list of initiatives we have put in place for you to attend: See PDF Included below this message and our Twitter and Facebook sites for details about these initiatives. 

  • Memorial Program hosted by various Organizations (Lilly’s Lounge – LBJSC 4th Floor) 
  • Expression Board in The Hub (LBJSC 2nd Floor) 
  • Safe Space for Mentoring (USAC Office – LBJSC Suite 4-9.1 – 4th Floor)
  • Safe Space at Stonewall Warehouse

With love, 
AdvoCats Coordinating Board

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