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Transgender in Texas: The Gender Spectrum as it was, as it is, and how it can be.

October 18, 2018 - 7pm
LBJ Teaching Theater

Photo of Dr. Erica Anderson

Dr Erica Anderson has been transgender throughout a long and successful career..As a clinical psychologist she came to understand herself without the benefit of professional help. Having struggled for many years, she resolved once and for all (finally with professional help) to claim her authentic identity and life as a woman. In the years since she has become an advocate, professional thought leader, and role model for millions in the USA , South America, and Sweden where she has appeared on television in one of Sweden’s most popular and critically acclaimed shows Allt for Sverige.

In her current work at the University of California, San Francisco she is the only transgender psychologist and in pediatric endocrinology attends the globally recognized Child and Adolescent Gender Clinic. As the current President Elect of USPATH she is one of the most respected transgender doctors in the world. She earned a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and MA in theology and has attended the University of Minnesota, Fuller Seminary, and the University of Southern California. She has had faculty appointments at a number of Universities with appointments in health psychology, psychiatry, public health, management, clinical psychology, and now pediatric endocrinology. As a member of both the professional community providing healthcare to transgender persons,(the professional organizations and Universities training future healthcare professionals)  and as a member of the LGBTQ community she represents a historical, fresh, and personal persepctive on all transgender issues now and historically. She has been listed in Who’s Who in America for many years as Eric and in recent years as Erica. She is well known in Sweden and now here in the USA as well.