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Meet the creator of our Ally placard

Lizy Ainsworth 

Elizabeth Ainsworth is a Senior at Texas State University, majoring in Communication Design. She is particularly passionate about digital illustration and hand lettering. 

A native of Frisco, Texas, she began her professional creative journey during her sophomore year of high school. Lizy is proud to call herself a lifelong learner, and hopes to devote her life to growing her design skills.

Lizy was first drawn to software and technical aspects of design, but more recently, the relationship between design and communication. 

Ms. Ainsworth is a member of the Marketing team at the Department of Housing and Residential Life for TXST, and is also a Chi Omega Sister. 





The Ally Placard in her own words 

For the new placard design, I was asked to incorporate the new Progressive Pride Flag, designed by Daniel Quasar, which depicts an arrow to symbolize the idea that progress should always be moving forward in the LGBTQ community. It also has more colors to include the transgender and other marginalized communities. 

The typeface used is called Montserrat, a new geometric sans serif that felt bold and modern, which was very fitting, considering the idea was to keep everything feeling very modern and progressive. Ally, I felt, needed to be the biggest word, considering that the Ally of Texas State placard is here to proclaim professors and faculty as an Ally of the LGBTQ community who have pledged to help make Texas State a more inclusive community.

I love how we incorporated the new Progressive Pride Flag, because it shows that Texas State is also moving forward in our efforts to make this university a more welcoming place for all communities.